Interview:Tessa Street – General Manager, Odeon Leicester Square.

The great thing about Leicester Square is how it changes throughout the day. As the world’s most iconic cinema location we play a major role in the vibrancy of Leicester Square. Because of that I can be here from 7am to late at night and through that period I see the many and varied characters of Leicester Square.

When you’re here early in the morning you see the keen tourists venturing out, interspersed with the commuters walking to work in the wider West End of London. The Square is waking up and beginning to fill with life.
Through the day the footfall dramatically increases and the diversity of uses increases. At lunchtime you might have someone quietly enjoying their lunch on the grass, while children run and play through the fountains and are joined by fans beginning to queue for a première.

“Through the day the footfall dramatically increases and the diversity of uses increases.”

The evenings are when the fun and exciting atmosphere that has been developing through the day bursts into life. Leicester Square is the home of the UK cinema industry and seeing it packed for a première is a joy to behold. It is a genuinely worldclass destination at its best that we want to develop and grow so that more and more people can enjoy a slice of its magic. We take our role as the guardians of the Square very seriously and, with the developments taking place at the Odeon West End on the southern side of the Square, we will have an even more advanced cinema to go with the world famous cinema on the eastern side.

Overall, I’m lucky enough to be able to stand on the balcony and pretend I’m an A-List star every day – very few people can say that!