Interview:Coen van Niersen – General Manager, W Hotel Leicester Square.

“I believe that W Hotels can have a transformative effect. If you look at where we have located, we have taken properties and areas that are central, dynamic and vibrant and added extra excitement through our hotels”.

The W brand is all about music, design and fashion so the film and entertainment industry is at the heart of what we do. Being in Leicester Square we have the privilege of being part of the London red carpet experience. You can see the beginning of the red carpet from our bar and night club, we have a screening room where you can show films and we are the perfect after party venue. The historic and current glamour of Leicester Square is at the heart of everything we do – we’ve even put together a coffee table book on the subject.

With this hotel we looked to articulate the dichotomy at the heart of the British character, namely the buttoned-up suit wearing Englishmen of

“Here in Leicester Square we are therefore at the centre of the centre and it’s incredibly exciting.”

the day with the hair let down party queen of the night. This is reflected in our design and in our guests; during the week we attract business visitors who need to be in central London for work and at the weekend our leisure visitors are looking for the abundance of fun that London boasts.

What I love about being here is the feeling that you are at the centre of the universe. London is the centre of the financial world, it is a cultural powerhouse and the most welcoming city in the world. Here in Leicester Square we are at the centre of the centre and it’s incredibly exciting.